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while browsing one of my favourite decor blogs, Decor8, I came across a guest post by Gudy Herder featuring the Fall decor trends as seen at the awesome Maison&Objet show in Paris. Now, allow me to let you in on a little secret…ever since I first heard about Maison&Objet (way, way back when in my art college days) I have always wanted to get to this inspiring trade show. It is on my design bucket-list and although I have visited Paris, I have not been to this show. Think of it like Decorex on steroids. So when this post popped up on my screen, I thought not only would it fuel my design fire but also give you some interior inspiration for today. Gudy shares some wonderful design insights on the latest trends while capturing the overall feel with her great photographs. These are just a few of the images which caught my attention. Who knows, maybe a little visit to Paris next September is on my horizon?









do click across to view the full post which has many more images and loads of design and interior trends from Maison&Objet Fall 2013 to read about.

images: gudy herder, ferm living, tinekhome

2 thoughts on “maison&objet fall 2013 trends

  1. gudy herder

    Hi Megan, there is another edition in January of the M&O if you want to give it a try.I prefer September though since there is not much novelty in January, they just don’t have the time to develop too many new collections. But if you want to avoid xmas collections, January is definitely a better option!Just let me know if you need any tips, I’ve been attending the show now for quite some time.

    1. Megan Post author

      thanks Gudy. I appreciate your insight and advice. I must say that it’s the one trade show I’d really love to attend..and it doesn’t hurt that it’s in Paris! 😉


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