these beautiful spring-inspired images by Danish photographer Ditte Isager caught my eye for a very good reason! Poppies are definitely my favourite of the more delicate flowers…they are so joyous and absolutely scream springtime to me. My mum would always plant Iceland Poppy seedlings in the garden beds during the cold winter and when those hairy buds split open to reveal the gorgeous crepe-like yellow, orange or red petals within, I knew that spring had arrived. I love the way the sunlight shines through their translucent petals and they never fail to cheer me up. Despite my lack of a green thumb, I think next year I must definitely ensure that my garden has these cheerfully bright flowers in it. I think my mum would’ve liked that.




watch this beautiful poppy video for added floral inspiration…

and if you find yourself without a patch of poppies in your garden this spring, then pop over to Woolworths to the flower section and get your happy floral-fix in a bunch.

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