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I came across Food52 today, initially attracted to the visual food images, but after clicking through some of the regular columns, Kitchen Confidence caught my eye. Now, I’m pretty confident in the kitchen – my mom taught me to cook and bake at an early age for which I will always be grateful…it’s one of those skills that seem to becoming less important to so many people in this day and age of quick and convenient living – but anyway, like I said, the kitchen doesn’t scare me. So the column Kitchen Confidence intrigued me and here’s why…


It would be nice, for example, to know how to remove berry stains from your favourite tablecloth. Or maybe, which sauce suits which pasta best…


There are endless great tips and tricks to embolden the most timid & tentative to tackle the kitchen with confidence…here’s a few more which I liked:

how to ripen fruit quicker:


how to care for a wooden cutting board:


how to prep eggplant:


a new way to preserve herbs:


how to hack a steamer:


6 uses for left-over pickle brine:

9510280742_f356de06a9_z Kitchen Confidence was inspired by conversations on theĀ Food52 Hotline. These simple tips and tricks make navigating our kitchens easier and much more fun. So now you know! Head over to Food52 to find out more.

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