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I’m not a germaphobe, but I hate having dirty hands and, like most mothers, can often be heard telling my children to “wash your hands!”. After a particularly brutal Cape Town winter with flu germs a-plenty, that wash your hands request became a household mantra, especially after being out and about. As a quick fix, I’ll generally keep hygiene wipes in the car and my handbag, but when we get home, it’ guessed it: Wash Your Hands!

Global Hand Washing Day was celebrated this year on October 15 and originally created for children and schools to foster a global culture of hand washing and to raise awareness about the benefits of hand washing with soap. I’m glad to see this hand washing awareness is nothing new…I love these vintage Chinese health posters from the 1930’s specifically aimed at hygiene education for children. There’s quite a few of them, some with very amusing captions, so check them out sometime.


Lately, I’ve been trying the Dettol No-Touch hand wash system – just wave your hand under the┬áspout for the perfect dollop of soap. As you can imagine, the children love it…anything with batteries and remotely gadget-y is an instant hit, and I’m happy because the little hands are clean and germ-free! No more wash your hands request…they do it without asking! The great thing about the No-Touch system is that batteries are included. How many times do we buy something only to discover when we get home the dreaded batteries not included in small-print?

With delicious refill fragrances like Grapefruit Essence and Green Tea & Ginger and Cucumber, the Dettol hand wash system doesn’t smell strongly of antiseptic but still offers the hygiene sanitising qualities we’ve always associated with Dettol products.

*This post is sponsored by Dettol SA. All opinions and views expressed are my own.

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