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Hi there! Another beautiful day in Cape Town and I’m just off to deliver some succulent table decor I made for my brother and his partner’s second coffee shop which is opening in Somerset West next to the Cheetah Outreach. These stylish succulent cubes are perfect for an outdoor table because they’re hardy and need very little maintenance. Besides, they’re indigenous so that gives them extra street cred! I thought I’d show you how I made them in a simple 3-step DIY:


I was looking for succulents which were a little more unusual than the common or garden variety and Matt from Curate This Space mentioned that the Kirstenbosch Gardens Nursery had a diverse selection at good prices, so that’s where I found these beauties…remember to get small succulents or else they wont fit into the glass cubes.





Finished – easy and indigenous table decor which is outdoor-friendly and low maintenance.


Tips and Stockists:

  • Glass Cubes from Super Floral.
  • Succulents, stone chips & cactus potting soil from Kistenbosch or most garden nurseries.
  • Succulents do not need much water, so take care not to over-water these little guys. Just a splash every week will be fine.
  • Try to find a variety of succulents to add visual interest.

All photography & styling by Megan Smith of Dressed By Style

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