500 pictures in three minutes – NYC organised by colour

how crazy does it get when the end of the year looms ahead of us? I have a sick child at home today and a mountain of work … so it will be one of those days when I try to keep as many balls in the air, trying not to drop any! I came across something which caught my eye in a BIG way – 500 pictures in three minutes, a very cool video called My Trip To New York Organized By Colour by Alfredo Salkeld. Having been to NYC earlier this year, many of the images are recognisable and bring back a flood of vivid memories for me.

It has colour – tick. It has photographs – tick. It has NYC – tick. I love this video and I hope it brings an energy to your Monday.

thanks to my friend Lisa for sharing the link.

2 thoughts on “500 pictures in three minutes – NYC organised by colour

    1. Megan Post author

      I know Lisa, I had a pang of envy, wishing I had thought of something this awesome! I love how the images change in time to the beat. thanks for the link!


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