street style muse – Anne-Catherine Frey


I love this lady’s style … Anne-Catherine Frey, a French fashion designer and blogger, is a darling among the street style photographers. And little wonder, really –  her charming smile and utterly chic, individual sense of style is way up on the fashion barometer. Unafraid of being different and wholly comfortable with her unique take on fashion, Anne-Catherine is perhaps most recognised for her thick, black eye-brows (who else besides Frida Kahlo could pull those off?!) and her crop of dark hair. Although recently, her unmistakable hair-do has undergone a bold transformation …


I get it, but I think I’m still a fan of her sweet pixie cut. However, it shows she has the ability to transcend and evolve her style, which is always a plus in my book. There’s nothing worse than style stagnation, and Anne-Catherine is a tour de force when it comes to creating fresh, new looks whenever and wherever we see her.







find Anne-Catherine’s blog here and my other Street Style Muses here.

image source – The Sartorialist and Vanessa Jackman

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