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I love living in South Africa – the landscape is awe-inspiring, the climate is near-perfection, and as a nation we’re a wonderfully cultural fruit salad. The drawbacks have always been a general lack of affordable décor and fashion products with tangible variety and quality. You may disagree. Yes, we do have much more choice than we used to, but nothing on the scale of the rest of the world. And if we wanted to import a beautiful piece of furniture or a coveted pair of shoes, we’d pay an arm and a leg in import duty tax. So not really a viable option. This moderate lack of selection has encouraged us to become more resourceful, and of course, highly creative, with beautiful results. There are local designers who have blown our minds with their creativity and every time I read a South African décor or fashion magazine, I am inspired by our local talent. A personal example of this was when I fell in love with a set of pendant lights from American homewear company West Elm, knowing that they would be perfect for our home. I kept on gazing at the site and checking how much it would cost us to import them, but the reality of the final figure just wasn’t worth it. So I started looking locally for something as interesting and stylish. I am so happy that I did, because I came across the work of Timber Design lighting which totally ticked our boxes. Do you remember this post? So local can definitely be lekker.

Anyway, I digress. Back to importing. I wanted to share with you an affordable homeware, furniture and lighting online site which is fast becoming the local go-to store for affordable and obtainable products: 5rooms.com is giving us that accessibility to both local and international trends and design solutions which travel beyond our borders, all at a price that doesn’t break the bank. These pieces in particular caught my eye and landed up on my wish-list…


dipped feet coffee table | yellow Jasper table lamp | Brigitte 3-seater sofa | Ashanti beanbagZzzoo childrens elephant light | Contempo office desk

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