Ruyi Dumpling and Wine Bar


ask me one of my favourite foods? Dim Sum. Delectable bite-sized morsels of deliciousness. If I were in Melbourne, I’d be dashing off to indulge my dumpling desires at the Ruyi Dumpling and Wine Bar – a sophisticated and modern Chinese restaurant in the city. Imbued with a zen-like calmness, the interior, designed by Hecker Guthrie, highlights fixtures and fittings globally sourced – wooden stools from Milan, concrete pendant lighting from France, 70’s tiles reclaimed from an old Melbourne store and muted tableware by ceramic artist Andrei Davidoff. All these varied interior elements create a stylish fusion in a contemporary eatery. Ruyi literally means as you wish. Delicious Dim Sum in a polished and subtle setting is exactly as I’d wish! My idea of having your dumplings and eating them.

Ruyi-Dumpling-Bar-Shannon-McGrath-03 Ruyi-Dumpling-Bar-Shannon-McGrath-05 Ruyi-Dumpling-Bar-Shannon-McGrath-02 Ruyi-Dumpling-Bar-Shannon-McGrath-18 Ruyi-Dumpling-Bar-Shannon-McGrath-19 Ruyi-Dumpling-Bar-Shannon-McGrath-17 Ruyi-Dumpling-Bar-Shannon-McGrath-20 Ruyi-Dumpling-Bar-Shannon-McGrath-10

via Est Рphotography by  Shannon McGrath

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