10 smart ideas for small spaces

Didn’t you just love the Rue Small Spaces issue I featured last week? Absolutely inspiring and all the proof you need to know that bigger is not always better. I thought I’d share 10 of my space savvy ideas with you today that create the illusion of space when size is not on your side. Are you ready? Okay, let’s go…

1. Edit, Edit and Edit some more – leave areas of the room free, it allows the eye to travel and gives room to breathe. Give careful thought to what you display and what you hide away! This soothing bedroom from Remodelista has a soft colour palette and has kept décor to a minimum.


2. Create Contrast – darker floors with a lighter wall colour and the lightest colour on the ceiling allows the eye to travel upwards, giving the room a sense of space. The soft grey walls with a darker wooden floor in this Swedish apartment keep it fresh and inviting, without feeling cramped.


3. Zone Out – defined spaces within a room makes it appear larger, so divide up the space by function. I love this quiet reading corner with great natural light, tucked away below the slanted window. I could just imagine sitting there, quietly catching up on my latest magazines.



 4. Open Up – open kitchen shelves can lend a small kitchen the illusion of space. Traditional closed cabinets tend to block off an area, but open shelving with a collection of pretty dishes and glassware create a practical point of interest. Keep it simple and clean like this minimal shelving from Remodelista which makes clever use of window space above the sink.

Kitchen Windows with Shelf/Remodelista

5. Stripe Hype – remember the fashion advice to wear vertical stripes for added height? Well how about elongating a room and creating an impression of length with stripes on the floor? How fabulous is this doctor’s waiting room which has been given a monochromatic makeover?


6. Supersize It – dare to be dramatic with bold, oversized elements. An eye-catching gesture creates a graphic focal point and plays with proportions in a smaller space. You couldn’t miss this grand typo, now could you?


7. Swing Low – mix low and tall elements in a space. Punctuate with higher pieces, but keep most pieces low. Do you notice how this floating cabinet with down-lighting creates a sense space while still offering a storage solution?


8. Skinny Legs – furniture with slender legs makes the space seem less heavy and more airy. This elegant lounge with delicate pieces achieves just that.


9. Double Date – dual purpose areas in one room are a great way to maximise your square metres in a small space. Holly Becker‘s dining room table doubled up as workspace when she needed extra space in her previous apartment.


10. In The Corner – a corner sofa can really make the best use of space in a small living room. It’s streamlined and adds extra seating without the crush of too many armchairs. How great is this grey corner sofa with bright pops of colour and texture?


so that’s my top 10 tips for small spaces. Do you have any clever ideas to make the most of your space? I’d love to know!

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