Rebecca Atwood – textiles


With my background in textile design, it’s not too difficult to feel a natural tug in the direction of all things fabric and designed. So it’s little wonder that the elegantly hand painted fabrics by Brooklyn based designer and artist Rebecca Atwood caught my textile eye. Believing in and holding value to the process of making gives Rebecca’s work a beautiful integrity. Using mostly traditional textile techniques and hand painting, her products are both simple and luxurious, focusing on the artistic process of creating.


Currently, all of our textiles are designed and produced in small editions in New York.  With a focus on hand dyeing, printing, and painting, our textiles are truly one of a kind. Hand dyeing can often be unpredictable, but we value these subtle shifts and changes in hue and embrace them as part of our manufacturing process.  These beautiful variations mean that each piece is unique.


Rebecca’s everyday observations of her life in Brooklyn, as well as growing up on Cape Cod, gives inspiration to her range. Each design tells a story of her experiences and observations, resulting in a curation of crafted pieces, layered with thought and memories.


rebecca-atwood-3 rebecca-atwood-2 rebecca-atwood-5

These images were taken from the lookbook for The Mason Collection. Rebecca’s latest collection will launch at the end of March…can’t wait!

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