Emerson Fry – warm spring 2014

Fabulous Friday at last and holiday time for us! I can’t wait to spend some chill time with our family and friends, away from the hustle of the hamster wheel. If I could imagine a stylishly versatile holiday wardrobe, I think the latest Warm Spring 2014 collection from Emerson Fry would probably hit the nail on the head. It has easy classic silhouettes and multipurpose neutral colours which really make packing for holiday a cinch. You just can’t go wrong with black, white and a neutral beige. A pared back simplicity which is both casual and pulled together. I know you going to love this…

emerson-fry-spring-3 emerson-fry-spring-1 emerson-fry-spring-2 emerson-fry-spring-7 emerson-fry-spring-11 emerson-fry-spring-5 emerson-fry-spring-10 emerson-fry-spring-9 emerson-fry-spring-8 emerson-fry-spring-4 emerson-fry-spring-13 emerson-fry-spring-12 emerson-fry-spring-6 emerson-fry-spring-14 emerson-fry-spring-16

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