portrait of a lady – Muse Magazine

I like to keep you on your toes when you visit, so today I’m sharing something dramatically different. This fashion editorial for Muse Magazine certainly falls into the high drama category. I love the saturated colours against a striking blank backdrop. It’s incredibly theatrical and beautifully shot by Erik Madigan Heck with styling by Yana Kamps. The mood is both futuristic and old-fashioned – absolutely stunning.

portrait-of-a-lady-7 portrait-of-a-lady-15 portrait-of-a-lady-1 portrait-of-a-lady-3

I know you want to see more from this editorial which will continue after the jump…

portrait-of-a-lady-2 portrait-of-a-lady-4 portrait-of-a-lady-5 portrait-of-a-lady-6 portrait-of-a-lady-8 portrait-of-a-lady-9 portrait-of-a-lady-10 portrait-of-a-lady-11 portrait-of-a-lady-12 portrait-of-a-lady-13 portrait-of-a-lady-14

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