Sian Zeng – Dino magnetic wallpaper

Some boys are into racing cars, some boys are mad about aeroplanes, while others are besotted with the zoo. My boys, in particular Luca, my eldest, are dinosaur crazy. I think my youngest son, Sebastian, didn’t really have much choice in the preoccupation with palaeontology department because he’s heard his big brother chatter on about the diet of the Diplodocus and the perils of the Protoceratops from birth and beyond.


Since the delights of the dinosaur world run strong in my boyish brood, I can just imagine how appealing Sian Zeng’s new Dino themed 2014 spring/summer magnetic wallpaper collection would be to my palaeontological pair! We’re introduced to a magnificent journey in a tropical land of dinosaurs with Sian Zeng’s new magnetic wallpaper. In a beautifully drawn land of fantasy with deserts, cactuses and dinosaurs aplenty, the truly magical part of the journey begins by creating your own Dino adventure. Children can move the themed Dino and Flycopter magnets around on the wallpaper or go one step further into the past and write on the speech bubbles, placing them anywhere on the wallpaper. A fantasy journey comes to life on your children’s walls!

Sian-Zeng-Yellow-Green-Dino-Boy-in-jungle Sian-Zeng-Yellow-Green-Dino-Magnet-close-upSian-Zeng-Yellow-Green-Dino-boy-magnet-play2 Sian-Zeng-Yellow-Green-Detail Sian-Zeng-Pink-Green-Detail Sian-Zeng-Pink-Green-Dino-Boys-play Sian-Zeng-Pink-Green-Dino Sian-Zeng-Grey-dino-magnet-close-up Sian-Zeng-Grey-Dino-Detail Sian-Zeng-Grey-Dino

seen over on Est | styling Charlotte Love | photography Jon Day

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