Sivan Askayo – Intimacy under the Wires


I came across photographer Sivan Askayo‘s laundry project and was struck by just how beautiful the ordinary and mundane can be. Aptly called Intimacy under the Wires,’ Sivan’s series of photographs offers the viewers a global glimpse into people’s lives through their laundry. What began with an arbitrary shot taken in the vibrant alleyways of the Jaffa neighbourhood in Israel one Friday afternoon in April of 2010, became the catalyst for a complete series of snapshots documenting that intimate and slightly voyeuristic view of people’s laundry blowing in the breeze. The ordinary is captured incognito and frozen in time. The series chronicles laundry from lives around the world…from Madrid, Barcelona, London, Florence, Venice, Buenos Aires, Vietnam and Naples.

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a little more about this artist:

Sivan Askayo is a photographer based in Tel Aviv and New York. As an artist, she photographs what she loves—food, travel, street art—and tends to immerse herself entirely within her environment. This unique tendency allows Sivan to capture the true essence and personality of her surroundings.

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