Paradise is Here – Skinny laMinx


After an inspiring trip to Tokyo in 2013 where she noticed the importance of plants in an urban environment, Heather Moore of Skinny laMinx shares the value of┬áviridescence in her latest fabric collection. Paradise is Here expresses the energy and exuberance of city plants and how they offer us encouragement, breathing space and diversion from the concrete jungle of an urban setting. One just has to think of the meticulous trimming of a bonsai to appreciate the value of plant life in a quintessentially Japanese culture. Heather’s fabric collection is the meeting of chlorophyll and concrete in the stunning simplicity of the Skinny laMinx style we know and love. Take a look at Paradise is Here

skinny-laminx-paradise-8 skinny-laminx-paradise-6 skinny-laminx-paradise-4skinny-laminx-paradise-9 skinny-laminx-paradise-1 skinny-laminx-paradise-5

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