I want French-Girl Hair


The other day I was having coffee at my local café and there were three women at the table next to me. They appeared to be a mother and her two daughters. The first thing I noticed about them was their hair. Casually long, effortlessly wavy with just the right amount of I don’t really care too much about my hair nonchalance. I had my suspicions that they were not local – South African girls just don’t have that quality –  then I heard them chitchatting in pretty lilting accents. Suspicion confirmed. They were French. Their I just got out of bed like this hair gave it away. That je ne sais quoi quality that only a French girl can pull off. The indefinable, elusive trait that makes French-Girl Hair so utterly desirable.

I want French-Girl Hair. Here’s why…


From 18 to 80, French women have a cultivated “effortless” quality to their style. We can go on all day about their clothing, attitude and appeal, but let’s talk about their hair. It’s little wonder then that all of us lesser mortals want to imitate their divine insouciance when it comes to their alluring tresses. Short, medium or long. Middle parting or blunt bangs. Take a look at the charm of French-Girl Hair.


Now how about a little inspiration from real French icons with fabulous hair


Françoise Hardy


Marion Cotillard


Audrey Taotou


Lou Doillon


Ines de la Fressange


Garance Doré

So although mastering the French language might be a long term commitment, surely getting cool French-Girl Hair is achievable in less time? After a little research, I found a few tips for us non-French girls to try.

#1: Apparently supermarket shampoo is the business. Don’t get all fancy with salon shampoo. Wash it once in the morning, not twice, like they do at the hair salon. Hair the day after a shampoo is good.

#2: If you have bangs, apply a leave-in conditioner to wet hair and towel dry. Voila!

#3: After you get out of the shower, rough dry your hair with a hair drier or allow to air dry if you have time. Spritz with a sea salt spray, tie into a high bun until you’re dressed and done your make up. Let hair down and finger comb to give it natural waves.

#4: Don’t brush. As you know, French girls walk a lot and ride bicycles while still looking impossibly chic. So their hair gets a little messy from the wind. That’s the look you’re going for. Messy wind-tousled hair!

#5: I use a dry shampoo when I’m too lazy or rushed to wash my hair. This gives it texture from the roots and that less-than-perfect French finish.

Have a fabulous weekend…au revoir!

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