je t’aime Parisian Floors

So don’t mind me if I keep rolling with my obsession of all things French. If you’re an Instagram devotee who delights in looking down at beautiful floors from the perspective of another person, then you’re probably already familiar with the popular #lookingdown. And you undoubtedly follow @ihavethisthingwithfloors which are curated selfeets (yes, I know that’s not a real word, but it probably will be soon) from around the world showing the ubiquitous gorgeous floor with the selfie-taker’s feet in the shot.


But let’s get back to Paris and allow me to introduce you to @parisianfloors .

Photographer Sebastian Erras discovered his passion for perspectives by looking down, in particular looking down in Paris. When asked about the origin of his Parisian floors project, Sebastian recalls, “Earlier this year I went to Marrakech to shoot some interiors there. On a day off we discovered the city and went to the Bahia Palace. They have some beautiful and colourful mosaics on the floor. I started taking pictures of the floor with my feet. Then coming back to Paris I noticed these beautiful tiles and mosaics on the floors of cafes, hallways and other places, so I decided to start this project and see where it takes me.”


We’re always told to stop looking down and instead look up and around us. But sometimes it’s just better to gaze down at a beautiful tiled floor that has felt the click clack of a thousand footsteps over the many years.


Sebastian doesn’t necessarily have an agenda for this project but is┬ájust trying to show that with a simple change of perspective you can discover a whole new world around you. He notes, “I am really graphic and I love symmetry. So this definitely influences the way I take my pictures.”

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