stylish sustainable Swedish student housing

A far cry from the digs accommodation I remember from my student days, this incredibly cool student housing in Sweden – where else – is not only stylish but it’s environmentally sustainable too. Named after the shining circle around the sun, HALO runs on renewable energy from the sun. Staying true to Scandinavian aesthetics, the accommodation focuses on the use of wood, both for construction and surface finishes.

halo-1 halo-6

The simple white interior allows innovation and inspiration out to play, working as an empty canvas where the students can paint their own lives. The mixture of fixed and movable furniture gives flexibility to the layout of the interior.

halo-5 halo-4 halo-3 halo-2

The housing sustainability stems not only from the relationship between home and inhabitant, but between the occupants themselves. The circular shape of the house provides an organic communal space which fosters interaction and communication; a space where residents can share, learn and experience one another. Here ideas and habits can thrive, planting the seeds of a sustainable future.

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