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coffee art – Giulia Bernardelli

So life lately has been up and down. Illness, injuries and general ball juggling has kept me quiet for a while. Hopefully August will be kinder than July was! However, coffee has been a good friend. Not sure about you, but I cannot even contemplate the day without my first freshly brewed cup, briskly followed by another. I take mine black so it was a joy to see a creative lady take her espresso to another level. We all know coffee art – those artfully scribbled drawings that arrive in your latte at your local coffee shop…is it a bird? is it a heart? no, it’s a cat! – but Giulia Bernardelli creates her coffee art in an enduringly more avant garde manner.


I love that she styles the tipped over cup into the photograph.

coffee-art-4 coffee-art-5

“My future starts when I wake up every morning. Every day I find something creative to do with my life” Miles Davis.


Sometimes she even paints with the dregs in the bottom of the cup. Why not.


 Find Giulia on Instagram for more of her coffee creations

animal prints x street style

I think it’s time for another pattern and fashion collaboration. You know how much I love my pattern and prints, right? As usual, the absorbing world of Pinterest is the perfect place to glean the most fabulous inspiration. (Where were we before Pinterest? Just asking.) Anyway, today seems like a good day to mix Vanessa Jackman, one of my fave street style photographers, with some animal prints. Enjoy!


print | street


print | street


print | street


print | street


print | street


print | street


print | street


print | street


print | street

Curious to see more of my street style mix ups? The Street Scene category will take you there. Have a fabulous day!

ps This one is for Lisa…I know how much you love these!