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Kushn your valuables

I’m totally smitten with a local brand called Kushn. Heard of it? I hadn’t until recently and I must say that it’s quite special.



About Kushn Рcreated by Greer Valley and Thembalezwe Mntambo in Cape Town, South Africa,  the collections are designed and hand-crafted in collaboration with skilled artisans using the finest genuine leather and traditional woven textiles sourced across the African continent.

Woven textiles such as Kente cloth from Ghana and Shemma fabric from Ethiopia create a sophisticated story into which generations of inspiration are woven. The hand-woven textiles take on a contemporary theme with a fresh frame of reference in Kushn’s cultural adaptation of the traditional. Using these unique fabrics, Kushn makes the most beautiful laptop bags, backpacks, iPad covers and shoes as part of their vibrant colourful collection.

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spring is in the air

Each season has such beauty, but spring is pretty special in my opinion. I think it’s the shift from the melancholy of winter to the renewal of spring, the earlier sunrises and the blossoms appearing on the trees like confetti on a bride’s veil. I snapped off a few sprigs of jasmine from our neighbour’s hedge (shhh!) and that deliciously heady scent fills my office with promise of the new season’s growth and awakening. Have a marvellous weekend and enjoy some spring inspiration here today…


a rainbow of flowers | pink & mint wall


striped mason jar DIY


pastel pencil crayons | beach life


butterfly cake toppers DIY


crepe paper gift wrapping DIY