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bake the best chocolate chip cookies


I’ve been on the search for a really good chocolate chip cookies recipe for ages. After a few trials and errors and the thumbs down from my very discerning 7-year old Cookie Monster, I finally found the perfect recipe that is easy, packed with flavour, and just the right amount of crunch with a more-ishly soft centre. I know to you want in on this recipe too so let me share it here today…

chopchip-cookies chopchip-cookies-1

you’ll find the full recipe after the jump. Let me know if you give it a try!

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The Art of Plating – gorgeous gastronomy

Are you a foody? Do you avidly watch Masterchef and devour food styling magazines? Then I’m about to whet your appetite for some sensational art on a plate at a whole new level…


The Art of Plating is an online publication that bring gorgeous gastronomy out of the kitchen and into the galleries. Working with various chefs of haute cuisine, it is a visual feast for the eyes. It’s a truth that we eat first with our eyes and now this is backed up scientifically in a new study that reveals food tastes better when it’s plated artistically. It engages all our senses, not just our sense of taste. The researchers involved in the study at the University of Oxford have evidence that plating is not just for mere decoration but actually plays a crucial role in influencing a person’s expectation and enhances a diner’s experience.



Currently on my bedside table (well, it’s on my iPad actually) and which is quickly becoming a fabulous read, is The Sorcerer’s Apprentices. It documents the 2009 season in the kitchen at Ferran Adrià’s elBulli restaurant, object of culinary pilgrimage for gastronomes around the world. (Well, it was until elBulli closed its doors in 2011!) But the attention to detail for each minute aspect of a dish as described in this book is phenomenal. Truly creative and artistic, yet delicious and surprising. It’s a great read for those who are interested in the workings behind such gastronomic creativity.

art-of-plating-1 art-of-plating-2 art-of-plating-5 art-of-plating-7 art-of-plating-6 art-of-plating-8

and if you’re keen to see all this in action, watch the incredible artistic tasting menu video coming out of Peru titled Virú: Three Hours in Two Minutes by chef Gaston Acurio and his team at Astrid Y Gaston, Latin America’s #1 Best Restaurant. The video showcases the “flavors and dreams” that explore the five different themes of the Peruvian landscape: the coast, the desert, the Andes, the Amazon and the Altiplano.

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seen on Trendland | images from The Art of Plating | photography by Jennifer Chong, Erick Andia, Nat K, Signe Birck and Attica Restaurant