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summer holiday time

so are you all on holiday yet? I’m sure most of you are! And deservedly so, after a busy 2013. It always surprises me just how swiftly the year passes and we find ourselves counting down to a new one. So I hope your 2013 has been fruitful, fun and, above all, inspiring. I thought I’d share some Instagram pics of what I’ve been up to with my boys since school ended for the year with the warm summer sun shining down on our beautiful Cape Town…


do you notice a pattern forming here? I’m certainly a beach and water kind of girl…


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Wishing a wonderful holiday to you all and I’ll see you back here soon. xo

flavour of the month: March

hello! yes, I am still around…I’ve just been incredibly idle the last few days. I guess that’s ok since it is a long weekend and school holidays, right? I hope you’ve been enjoying the break from the hamster wheel and had some to time to relax and reconnect with family & friends. The weather has been so windy and raining in Cape Town…I guess that’s the inevitable cue for winter to make its appearance. I hope that those of you further north are finally getting your spring! Anyway, time for another Flavour of the Month where I share my favourite Instagram pics from the month of March and give you a peek at what I got up to…

instagram-march instagram-march-2 instagram-march-3 instagram-march-4

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