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rock your world black leather pants

How do we feel about black leather pants?


When I was in my early twenties, and not earning very much, I bought a pair of black leather pants – faux of course, since I couldn’t possibly afford the real thing. Every time I wore those pants I felt super edgy and impossibly cool. Because that’s the point of black leather pants, right? They make you feel like you are a ballsy rock star or a chic Milanese fashion designer, depending on your mood. I wore those pants to death. Yes, to death. It got to a point where my faux leather pants were beyond redemption and circling the drain. Unwearable but forever in my good times memory bank.

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colour fantasy with Toast summer lookbook


The Summer 15 lookbook from Toast is drenched in colour and an absolute mood-lifter. I can’t help but share it because it’s Monday and I could do with a little colour fantasy. An artist’s studio theme creates the perfect island setting for a relaxed, comfortable look. Crazy beautiful.


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