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happy Camper

Never underestimate the power of great design. A clever store design with visual impact can keep you coming back time and time again. But the product has to stand up for itself too. A perfect case in point is the Spanish shoe brand Camper.

camper 1

Created in 1975 by a family of cobblers with a history of shoe-making dating back to 1877, Camper was born to be a brand. It’s concept was to reflect a new lifestyle, a new way of thinking based on freedom but also encompassing comfort and creativity.

camper 2

Each one of their stores is uniquely themed and conceptualised by different designers. They push the boundaries of creativity and always expect the unexpected.

camper 3

Many years ago I bought my first pair of shoes from Camper in Cape Town… I loved their originality and sense of fun, and still wear them today. On a recent holiday to Italy, I splurged on an utterly irresistible pair of black and tan sandals which caught my eye in their Rome store. I wear them with a joy known only to those who love and cherish fine footwear. There’s nothing quite like Spanish leather!


images via Camper, last 3 my own from my Instagram. [btw, that oddly shaped plastic piece in the sandal above isn’t part of the shoe… just another cool part of the Camper packaging. Obvious, I know. But I felt a need to clarify that.]

See you back tomorrow for a fantastic Fashion Friday editorial…