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street style muse – Sarah Harris


What was your reaction to finding that first grey hair? Did you reach for the tweezers and desperately hope it wasn’t a sign of things to come? After all, when one pioneering strand of salt and pepper appears, more are bound to follow. Grey hair is one of those inescapable misnomers in a world where youth and agelessness is adored and grey hair is an inconvenient truth. Most of us take to the dye in an effort to curb the ageing process, if only in our mind. I noticed grey appearing around my temples when I was in my early thirties. It’s one of those peculiar things: you look at older women with a glorious head of silver grey, and the intellectual part of you (those little grey cells!) knows that it’s beautiful and elegant. Appropriate, even. But then the vain side of you starts to have a tantrum and it’s off to the hair salon you go before those roots start getting their own postal code.

But why can’t we be youthful and grey? I stopped colouring my hair dark a few years ago and instead opted for more natural highlights. They blend in well with the grey that’s there and on my last salon visit, we added a soft ashy grey into the mix for winter. It’s quite strange to feel a fondness for the grey that’s arriving and, believe it or not, I’m actually looking forward to more of it! And why not? We have so many inspiring beauties out there who have gone grey gracefully. One of them is fashion features director of British Vogue, Sarah Harris, who began going grey at 16. Super chic and elegant, Sarah keeps things simple with great jackets, bags and classic denim. She is my Street Style Muse for today…

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images from | The Sartorialist | The Telegraph

street style muse – Natalia Alaverdian


So from a petite interior to a petite exterior – this time we move onto the streets and change our focus to fashion. My Street Style Muse for today may be tiny, but her confident looks and impeccable sense of style packs a punch. Natalia Alaverdian is the fashion director of Harper’s Bazaar Russia, a stylist, photographer and creative director of the A.W.A.K.E brand. She has no problem with standing out from the crowd in her eye-catching  outfits, often from her own collections.

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image credits The Sartorialist | Vanessa Jackman | Citizen Couture