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playmobil meets art – Pierre-Adrien Sollier

Finally. Friday has arrived.


This made me laugh. Pierre-Adrien Sollier‘s watercolour paintings give a playful humour to master pieces of old. Incorporating Playmobil characters to replace the original models, the tongue-in-cheek result gives a fresh approach to the classics. Although I’m not sure what Georges Seurat or Vermeer would think…

pierre-adrien-sollier-playmobil-paintings-2 pierre-adrien-sollier-playmobil-paintings-3 pierre-adrien-sollier-playmobil-paintings-5 pierre-adrien-sollier-playmobil-paintings-4 pierre-adrien-sollier-playmobil-paintings-6 pierre-adrien-sollier-playmobil-paintings-7

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Graham & Green showroom

Beautiful showrooms can be a cornucopia of inspiration with visual stimulation at every turn. Graham & Green, the globally glamorous British interior brand, has just launched a new showroom and, judging from the images via Elle Decoration UK, it’s überinspiring! Gloriously contemporary colours and classic understated pieces make the perfect blend for décor enthusiasts. Take a look…

graham-green-showroom-1 graham-green-showroom-2 graham-green-showroom-3 graham-green-showroom-4 graham-green-showroom-5 graham-green-showroom-6 graham-green-showroom-7 graham-green-showroom-8

images via Elle Decoration facebook