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10 small workspaces that work

so you saw where I work from in my home office post yesterday. I’m super fortunate to have a dedicated room for a home office but sometimes that is just not possible. But that doesn’t mean that you have to share your bed with your laptop – although that’s kind of a nice place to work when it’s cold! There is sure to be a little nook in your home that could become a custom created workspace just for you.

I’ve rounded up some of my favourite small workspaces to give you some inspiration for a mini home office, along with some of my own tips to keep things in working order.


I love the fresh white of this workspace with it’s minimal shelving system. It keeps the floor free from table legs, giving the work area an uncluttered sense of space.


The clever transformation of a living room cupboard into a mini workspace is brilliant. And how easy to tidy up? Just close the door!


This small recess makes the ideal spot for a simple and economical work shelf, while this dual work area under the window gives just the right amount of space for a laptop and a sewing machine with drawers on either side for storage. Not to mention the great natural lighting!


I’m mad about the Scandinavian String system – I only wish it was available locally – it’s stylish, minimal and customisable to suit your space.


The dark wall behind this workspace creates the perfect backdrop for an inspiring set-up. With below and above desktop storage space, computer, lighting and a moodboard all at your finger tips, this work area is uber-efficient.


Choosing a neutral colour palette for your work furniture keeps the space simple and harmonious, especially if your workspace is part of your living area. You can tie in the colour scheme from the rest of the home with the addition of books, patterned storage boxes and accessories.


Deciding on a colour scheme – like this pretty mint, white and wood workspace – is a simple way of keeping things pulled together and attractive. By the way, this space is the same room in the first image…it just shows that well-crafted and cleverly designed furniture can be given a totally different look by changing the colour scheme. Always invest in quality pieces. They will keep their value as the years go on because they won’t date or fall apart with time.


Where you might just have book shelves on a short living room wall, why not add a narrow desk below? You can make the most use of your space by creating a functional work area big enough for a laptop and a quiet spot where the kids can do their homework.

Do you have any favourite tips for functional workspaces in small homes? I’d love to hear them!

ferm living + stylizmo office

How is your office space looking? My workspace needs a little bit of updating – just a few tweaks here and there – to keep it an inspiring place to work. Always a fan of Danish Ferm Living, this recent office styling by Nina Holst of Stylizmo certainly caught my eye with its fresh, clean palette and faceted accessories…


I find the cool calm colours of grey, pale maple wood and touches of brass keep the office a neutral and relaxing place to work, don’t you?


I think these brass hexagon vase and pots are absolutely marvellous – practical for storage yet super chic and contemporary as décor.




all images by Nina Holst of Stylizimo