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I want French-Girl Hair


The other day I was having coffee at my local café and there were three women at the table next to me. They appeared to be a mother and her two daughters. The first thing I noticed about them was their hair. Casually long, effortlessly wavy with just the right amount of I don’t really care too much about my hair nonchalance. I had my suspicions that they were not local – South African girls just don’t have that quality –  then I heard them chitchatting in pretty lilting accents. Suspicion confirmed. They were French. Their I just got out of bed like this hair gave it away. That je ne sais quoi quality that only a French girl can pull off. The indefinable, elusive trait that makes French-Girl Hair so utterly desirable.

I want French-Girl Hair. Here’s why…

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street style me back to Paris


I’m craving a little bit of Paris…I first visited this romantic city of timeless familiarity 15 years ago. It swept me off my feet and seduced me with its charm. And now I really want to go back! But for now, these chic looks captured on the streets of Paris Fashion Week will have to suffice…

Tiany-Kiriloff PFW-2015-7 PFW-2015-1 PFW-2015-2 PFW-2015-3 PFW-2015-4 PFW-2015-6 PFW-2015-5

images from Vogue