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simple & chic open closet solutions


Recently I was oohing and aahing over this feminine Swedish apartment. I’m devoted to the idea of a simple open wardrobe rail – it kind of makes me feel that I’m shopping everyday in a curated clothing store with all my favourite pieces on display. They’re also perfect if you’re in a rented home with too little closet space, or on a budget and keen for some DIY. So here’s a round-up of some simple open wardrobe solutions that caught my eye. Keep it simple and keep it tidy, people! Have a great day. x

why not showcase your shoe collection on a few rows of re-purposed towel rails in your walk-in closet?


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Rue Magazine – small spaces issue

Small space living can mean a certain amount of square metre surrender. But, there’s no reason to sacrifice style just because you don’t have space on your side. A smaller home encourages you to declutter, edit your space and give thoughtful consideration to the pieces you choose. A small space with intention packs a punch. Need proof?


The Small Spaces Issue of Rue Magazine is out and gives great examples of homes that make space stretch with style. Inspiring, creative and sophisticated, here are some of my favourite spaces from the magazine, proving that less can indeed be more.


This converted garage cleverly becomes a bright, sunny home office…


A small condo in Cambridge reflects the owner’s love for her family and the ocean…

rue-feb-9 rue-feb-8 rue-feb-7

This couple’s first home together needed thoughtful consideration when they edited two homes into one…

rue-feb-6 rue-feb-5rue-feb-4 rue-feb-3rue-feb-1 rue-feb-2

A colourful townhouse rental collaborates this family’s love of creativity in a small space…

rue-feb-14 rue-feb-13

There is so much more to enjoy in this Small Spaces issue – perfect for some weekend catch up time! Enjoy.

read the full issue of Rue Magazine here.