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the art of the trench

The classic trench coat. What’s the first word that comes to mind? For me, Burberry.


I came across Art of the Trench, Burberry’s street style portraits as a living document of the iconic trench coat and the people who wear it. The site shows the latest photos featuring men and women in any colour, any style Burberry trench coats shot in all weather across the globe. I find this classic concentration of an iconic 159 year-old brand super beautiful and, as a wannabe Burberry owner, super inspiring too.


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rock your world black leather pants

How do we feel about black leather pants?


When I was in my early twenties, and not earning very much, I bought a pair of black leather pants – faux of course, since I couldn’t possibly afford the real thing. Every time I wore those pants I felt super edgy and impossibly cool. Because that’s the point of black leather pants, right? They make you feel like you are a ballsy rock star or a chic Milanese fashion designer, depending on your mood. I wore those pants to death. Yes, to death. It got to a point where my faux leather pants were beyond redemption and circling the drain. Unwearable but forever in my good times memory bank.

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